Huawei Telepresence eClassroom Solution

Huawei eClassroom solution enables you to build a modern, interactive teaching environment through the convenient human-computer interaction, multimedia materials presentation, high-definition video and audio interaction, fast course recording and playback, and intelligent device control. With Huawei’s distance education platform, you can conduct immersive distance training and collaborative learning to engage students with more interactive and innovative educational experiences, while promoting educational resource sharing.


hw_u_150963 Huawei Telepresence Telemedicine Solution

Huawei Telepresence Telemedicine Solution is a combination of multimedia network technology and traditional medical technology and digital medical technology. Equipped with Huawei self-developed telePresence products, adapt to the needs and characteristics of the healthcare industry, Huawei Telemedicine provides remote consultation, surgery teaching, medical education and other related application solutions.


Huawei Telepresence TeleCommand solution

Huawei Telepresence TeleCommand solution allows you to collaboratively make decisions among dispersed command centers. It takes the integration of videoconferencing system and video surveillance system as the core and provides a visual dispatch console where all kinds of auxiliary information can be uniformly managed and scheduled.To meet emergency demands in different industries, we provide digitalized, high-definition, and intelligent solutions to help you build a comprehensive, efficient emergency response system.


hw_u_150960 Huawei Telepresence Solution

In international markets, countries focus their internationalization on establishing friendly and trustworthy relations and sustained win-win situation. Trade cooperation under different circumstances and cultural backgrounds will inevitably cause a lot of discrepancies even conflicts. Conflicts in the phase of cultural convergence cannot be minimized without face-to-face communication. To facilitate face-to-face communication, related supervisors travel around the world and consume a lot of time, efforts, and money. Their effectiveness, however, is poor due to flying communication.

Given the preceding issues, Huawei specially launched its telepresence solution, which can help people in different regions feel as if they were in the same meeting room and communicated in a face-to-face manner. Telepresence can provide clearer site images of users, better visual remote demonstration, more complete data sharing, and more rapid interaction and decision-making. All of these can reduce trips and their expenses, speed up business decision-making, improve employee productivity, and help them achieve balance between their work and life.