Perhaps no other industry faces the amount of logistical challenges to implementing effective Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as oil and gas companies do. In order to remain competitive in today’s marketplace oil and gas companies need ICT solutions that are efficient, customizable and mobile while still being cost effective. Drawing on its broad range of ICT products and services, Huawei delivers a complete set of modular solutions for oil and gas exploration, production and transportation that can be easily customized to meet the challenging demands of any environment.

Exploration, Production and Transportation

Easy to deploy ICT tools that integrate voice, data, and video technologies for pipeline, refinery and oilfield operations

  • Wireless Communications Solution for Refineries
  • Oil and Gas Production Infrastructure Solution
  • Digital Communications Solution for Pipelines

Enterprise-wide Communications & Storage

Unite multiple, stand-alone technologies with comprehensive data collection and collaboration tools

  • Multimedia Dispatch Solution for Oil and Gas Companies
  • Cloud Data Center Solution
  • Unified Communications Solution