hw_u_150129Huawei Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution

Based on the accumulation in areas of chips, video encoding and decoding algorithms, networking (wired and wireless) transmission and storage technologies for many years, combined with the intelligent and networking trend of video surveillance , Huawei launched “mobile, intelligent, HD, cloud collaboration” intelligent video surveillance (IVS) products and solutions. With video surveillance products as the core,Constructing four major industry solutions such as Safe City,Intelligent Traffic surveillance,ECC,Campus security solution.


hw_u_150126Huawei eSpace Safe City Solution

Integrating peripheral units (PUs), networks, storage devices, cloud-computing, and cloud storage, and featuring high scalability, Huawei eSpace Safe City Solution is deployed on a large scale.



hw_u_150131Huawei eSpace Intelligent Traffic Surveillance Solution

Huawei eSpace Intelligent Traffic Surveillance Solution integrates the Internet, communication networks, and The Internet of Things. It consists of multiple surveillance subsystems, including the urban surveillance system, high-definition checkpoint surveillance system, bus and taxi surveillance system, and high-definition ePolice system. With these surveillance subsystems, the Solution provides real-time traffic monitoring and releases traffic information to notify drivers of road conditions. To meet the requirements of different transportation means, Huawei eSpace Intelligent Traffic Surveillance Solution provides the urban road transportation solution, highway transportation solution, and railway transportation solution, which helps optimize an existing transportation infrastructure, alleviates traffic bottlenecks, and maximizes traffic efficiency.


hw_u_150133Huawei eSpace Emergency Command Solution

Huawei eSpace emergency command solution helps governments and other public organizations prevent, receive, and process emergencies, then manage these processed emergencies. This solution establishes an emergency processing mechanism for securing citizen’s lives and property.



hw_u_150999Huawei eSpace Campus Security Solution

Huawei eSpace campus security solution integrates with the video surveillance system, anti-theft alarm system, access control system, voice intercom system, public broadcast system, and electronic night patrol system. This solution uses HD devices, provides advanced functions, and implements intelligent management. A comprehensive campus security system enhances campus security and improves management efficiency.