hw_110147HUAWEI Cloud Fabric Data Center Network Solution

A data center is an integrated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) application environment resulting from data concentration. By combining computing, network transmission, and storage resources, data centers have become the most critical infrastructure for an enterprise’s business operations. In the cloud computing era, enterprises and carriers of all sizes are focusing on how to build data center infrastructure capable of supporting sustainable cloud service development.
To help customers quickly adapt to changes in cloud computing services, Huawei has unveiled its Cloud Fabric Data Center Solution (Cloud Fabric). By deploying this solution, customers are able to build an elastic, simple, and open next-generation cloud data center network that supports sustainable cloud service development. Huawei Cloud Fabric uses Huawei’s flagship, high-performance CloudEngine (CE) series data center switches. Based on Huawei’s next-generation Versatile Routing Platform version 8 (VRPv8), the Huawei CE series provides ample features for data center services. The solution also uses Huawei’s Agile Controller, which uniformly controls and schedules ICT resources and quickly deploys cloud services. Huawei Cloud Fabric is compatible with multiple mainstream cloud platforms in the industry and supports a broad variety of cloud services and applications. This solution applies to Internet companies, financial services organizations, governments, energy companies, large enterprises, and carriers.