Technology-rich Lessons

Meaningful & Authentic Use of Technology in Digital Classrooms!

Despite its benefits, there are still some hurdles to clear when it comes to meaningful and authentic technology integration. Classroom culture and expectations must be established to ensure the appropriate use of technology.

Technology-rich lessons aren’t necessarily less work, just different, not all teachers are tech-savvy and confident when it comes to using technology; professional development and support are needed.

There will still be intentional non-learners, issues outside of the classroom that impacts students, administrative agendas, skill deficits…the list goes on. Technology is just a part of an effective teacher’s strategy toolbox, not the whole toolbox.

Know Your “Why”, It’s easy to use technology for the sake of using technology.

Teachers must train themselves to consider the purpose of using technology in the classroom, as well as their classroom philosophy about technology use. This will allow careful selection of technology tools and platforms and help teachers to avoid using every flashy, cool new technology toy.

Seek Support!

Professional development, mentoring, and a supportive administration are important for teachers to embrace any type of change.

All-in-all, teachers who use technology are doing so many good things for students. It’s important to take it one step at a time, be reflective, celebrate small and big wins, and share your ideas with others.


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