Multimedia Education

Recently, with scientific development, multi-media education has become more and more popular in the world market, it has been widely used in the military; financial; government, etc. Here is our mission.

Interactive Panels class system integrates the advantages of traditional blackboard and modern communication technologies with which users can operate a computer on the whiteboard by pen or finger in place of a mouse and chalk. Teachers can directly write all kinds of information (notes, diagrams) on the interactive whiteboard by pen or finger; it can achieve the most natural writing without dust.

Such as the Word, PowerPoint documents, pictures, etc. can be modified or marked, and the contents of the information also can be saved, printed, or E-mail to other people; the class demonstration and the voices of teachers can be saved as files for reviewing after class, so it is very easy and flexible for every student to learn, and it will improve students attention and enhance their interesting in studying, achieve the interaction between the teacher and students completely.

Information is the most precious value that any organization owns after the staff, Info can be utilized to create the different values and to analyze market needs, impressions, assessments, and more.


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