Simplifying Interaction

Public Address System to simplify the citywide interaction of citizens with local government bodies like Police, Disaster Management cells, and Medical Assistance.

A Public Address System is an important component for any city, building, school, office, and other public place. Its main purpose is for public announcement, background music, and most importantly, for an emergency evacuation system. PA systems combine the very latest technology in amplifiers, microphones, and speakers to bring this ideal audio environment to modern public spaces.

  1. Fully remote-controlled and supervised public address systems
  2. Integrated input VoIP for direct connection to the digital infrastructure
  3. Communication and control by standard protocols (HTML, SNMP, NTP)
  4. Easy to import, export, and save audio files to HDDs
  5. Auto replay of playlist music after cut-in or emergency announcements
  6. Audio-recording via microphone or playlist and broadcasting it as music & sound


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