Smart School Management

EDU-HUB Pro Is a smart reflection for our 25 Years’ experience in education management It is your way to make a differential educational edge in the market and take your dreams to expand being a recognized successor setting the Model.

An expedition combining of School management Integrated with LMS ,teachers, students and parents in a collaboration gateway that makes the difference in E-learning Process.

  • School Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Communication Portal
  • Learning Management system
  • Content management
  • CRM
  • Bus Management & surveillance
  • Exam Centers
  • Financial Backbone
  • HR section

Are all components in EDUHUB PRO still the Art of implementing all the systems in a way that reflects in a total Educations digital transformation is our EDGE that enables YOU to build   different generations for Future.

Going-Digital is the way that suits future generations Whom will take care of our beloved countries growth, While taking care of our Youth learning and cultural level is our Passion.  


A learning management system (LMS) is a Web-based application used to assess a specific learning process.

Learning Management System is used to:

  1. Deliver content.
  2. Assess student performance.
  3. Monitor student participation.
  4. Learning management system may also provide students with the ability to use interactive. Features such as :
    • Online class rooms.
    • Threaded discussions.
    • Discussion forums.
    • Online session.
    • Messaging.
    • Chatting.

As we believe in Culture development, EMCO Implemented EDUHUB-Pro LMS integrated with the School Management System & university Management System to form a complete learning portal, moreover EMCO have Programs for Lap-Top / Tablets that comes ready with EDUHIB Pro LMS


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