Smart Podium

Smart Podium, which allows presenter to address the audience interactively. Dual monitor smart podium comes with comes with an in-built 22” Interactive touch monitor and 19” Sub Monitor which works as an extended display for the instructor to view her notes additionally. Interactive monitor has motorized tilting mechanism.

Smart Podium ELF 72LD has complete audio system with clear, audible and echo free audio quality such as 80Watt amplifier, speakers, gooseneck, hand-held and lapel microphones.

It has 7” Touch Controller to control and manage functioning of all integrated AV equipment like Motorized Screen, Projector, Computer, Audio System, DVD Player, etc. It has 19” internal Rack to install AV equipment and Microphones.

Smart Podium is secured with RFID technology and only registered person can use the podium.


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